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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Can I Install My GibbsCAM License on More Than One Computer?
Yes, a single GibbsCAM license can be installed on as many computers as you would like.  For complete instructions on installing your GibbsCAM license on additional computers please see the Moving License to New Computer instuctional pdf below.
      Moving License 
   to a New Computer

What is The GibbsCAM Maintenance Program?
The GibbsCAM Maintenance Program is designed to help protect and enhance the investment you have made in your GibbsCAM system, by ensuring future compatibility with operating systems, machine tools, and CAD systems. Customers who subscribe to the Maintenance program are entitled to the following benefits; All major GibbsCAM upgrades, priority technical support via phone and e-mail, post processor modifications, access to the GibbsCAM corporate training video library, access to GibbsOnline support center and message boards, future compatibility assurance, and more. For further details please view our GibbsCAM Maintenance Program data sheet below.
Maintenance Data Sheet

 Will GibbsCAM work with my CAD system?
Yes, you can receive part data from all major CAD systems and machine it. Whether reading industry standard formats or native CAD formats, GibbsCAM ensures you have access to the data you need to get your job done.  For full details please see our CAD Interoperability data sheet below.
     Cad Interoperability

What are The Computing Requirements to run GibbsCAM?
For complete details of our minimum, recommended, and optimal system specifications, please view our PC Hardware Requirements data sheet below.
Hardware Requirements

Do You Have a Post Processor For My Machine?

We almost certainly do.  GibbsCAM has the most comprehensive post processor library in the industry.  For over 30 years we have been building and maintaining our own post processor library, today with over 15,000 unique CNC post processors!  Over the last 20 years Virtual Manufacturing Services has also worked with a number of customers in developing custom post processors for one-off CNC equipment.  If you have a specific machine tool in mind, just ask us.  For further details please view the Post Processing pdf below.

Post Processing