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Multi-Task Machining

GibbsCAM MTM (Multi-Task Machining) was specifically designed to address the CNC programming requirements of multi-task machine tools, providing powerful programming tools that are easy to learn and use with the ultimate in flexibility and configurability. Machining processes are easily defined with GibbsCAM's intuitive graphical user interface that providesseamless access to both turning and milling capabilities. GibbsCAM's associativity allows operations to be updated easily when modifications are made. Factory-supplied post processors output multi-flow NC code complete with utility operations and sync codes. 

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GibbsCAM MTM Customer Success Stories

MLR145              MLR135              MLR125
Never the Same Old Grind        A Soft Landing for Distributor                    Software Speeds 
                                                    Making Hard Parts                           Multitask Machining

MLR140            MLR78
  Exceeding Expectations                  Unleashing Potential
 GibbsCAM MTM Data Sheets 
MLG105               MLG130               MLG158
   MTM Data Sheet                        MTM Post Data                          Mazak Data Sheet
DMGMori          OkumaMTM           DoosanMTM
       DMG-Mori-Seiki                       Okuma Data Sheet                     Doosan Data Sheet
         Data Sheet