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Machine Simulation

The Machine Simulation option is a 3D representation of a Machine Tool, the parts, and cutting tools which supplements the standard rendering component of GibbsCAM. Machine Simulation provides a machine-centric view of what is happening as opposed to the standard rendering which is part-centric. Also included with this option isMachine Builder, a tool to create the models that represent the machine tool. Machine Simulation supports lathe, mill, Mill/Turn, Advanced CS, rotary mill, Tombstone Machining System and most Multi-Task Machining parts. As of version 9.0, all users have access to all modes of CPR and simulation. However, if you do not have Machine Sim as a part of your license, you cannot load a machine sim model. If this is the case, machine sim will create a temporary machine kinematic model (no visible components) based on the MDD and do the simulation with that.
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