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Polar-Cylindrical Milling

Polar-Cylindrical Milling increases the productivity of GibbsCAM Production Milling with support for continuous rotary machining. Readily program rotary contouring, pocketing, threading, and engraving as wrapped tool path with continuous rotary motion. Capabilities also include face and OD milling for mill/turn and multi-task machines.
An ideal choice for threading, engraving and the machining of parts defined with flat geometry, such as roller dies or tool centerline grooves, Polar-Cylindrical Milling works best for parts which can be made with the tool on centerline. CNC Polar and Cylindrical Interpolation output is supported to produce optimal multi-revolution output on a single G-code line.  Wrap any shape or text around a cylindrical part via rotary axis interpolation. Start with flat geometry or text and then wrap it around a defined diameter or switch to radial mode to create geometry directly in its wrapped position. Rotary Milling works great for repeated patterns. Simply define the initial pattern and then enter the number of times to reproduce it around the diameter.

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